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Mission of the team

The University of Utah Club Swim Team is a non-profit, co-ed, intercollegiate, competitive, and student-run swim team at the University of Utah. Any current student enrolled at the University of Utah can participate, regardless of ability. Practices are six days a week, and swimmers must attend one per week.

Our team competes in local and national meets through US Masters Swimming. Competitors at these meets include our team, area US Masters teams, and other CCS teams nationwide. We compete roughly monthly, with schedules ann
ounced at the start of the year. The season concludes with the College Club Swimming National Championships, held at Georgia Tech or the Ohio State University.

 You can learn more about the team by reading our CONSTITUTION!

Contact us:


Utah Club Swimming
1836 Student Life Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


TikTok: @uuclubswim

Instagram: @utahclubswim


The University of Utah Club Swim Team was founded in the summer of 2014 by Ethan Beseris, who would serve as the team's first President. Joined by Vice President Matt Bird, Men's Team Captain Jeppesen Feliciano, and Women's Team Captain Melissa Hofmann, the "Founding Four" sought to bring the sport of competitive swimming to all students at the University of Utah. They believed that success in the sport is determined not by an individual's talent but by their willingness to achieve it. Our team is founded on this principle: no task should ever be impossible, provided you have the passion and determination to accomplish it.

At the conclusion of the first successful season of the club swim team, there was an election for new officers. Ethan Beseris remained president with his proven Vice President Matt Bird as the leader of the team, while officers Melissa Hofmann and Jeppesen Feliciano became the team's treasurer and secretary, respectively. The new team captains were Janey Heyman for the women's team and Pierce Darragh for the men's team. Together, these six officers set out to establish a long-lasting framework for a stable team.

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