Executive Board

Feel free to reach out to any of the executive board members with questions.

Anna Foulks.jpg

Anna Foulks


As president, Anna is the head facilitator of the Club and serves as the liaison between the Club and Campus Recreation Services. She ensures that the team runs smoothly and everyone on the team feels involved and achieves their best. 

Bella Goh.jpg

Bella Goh

Vice President

Bella is in charge of all team meet registration, sponsorship, and record-keeping. She is in charge of coordinating meets throughout the season, and she is the director of the Rocky Mountain Invitational.Bella also is the first assistant to the President as needed.

Maloree Barbera.jpg

Maloree Barbera


Maloree has the responsibility of preparing and maintaining our team's budget during the season. She also serves as our primary point of contact with ASUU, and she coordinates our team's fundraising projects.

Lillie Orlando.jpg

Lillie Orlando


Lillie's role as secratary is to keep notes through all officer meetings, draft agendas for upcoming meetings, and help each officer keep on top of their respective tasks between meetings

Alexander Carhart.jpg

Alexander Carhart

Marketing Director

Alexander oversees the media team — a separate entity of student representatives who manage the team's public appearance. He also manages the team's website and social media accounts.

Tim Mi.jpg

Tom Mi

Men's Captain

As the men's captain, Tom is in charge of recruitment for the swim team. He also works with the women's swim captain to plan team social events and service project, and he bolsters team spirit in whatever ways he sees fit.

Kara Trombley.jpg

Kara Trombley

Women's Captain

As the women's swim captain, Kara is in charge of recruitment for the swim team. She also works with the men's swim captain to plan team social events and service projects, and she bolsters team spirit in whatever ways she sees fit.