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Intrasquad and Team Traditions

We had our first meet of the season this past Saturday, and not only was it a great chance to race each other, but also the finale of one of our favorite team traditions that helps bond the team together. Two weeks ago, all swimmers were assigned a “tribe”—a small group of fellow swimmers led by an officer, intended to make it easier to make close friends on such a big team. A week later, the team was split into the Red Team and the Black Team, and each team had the opportunity to score points for their team throughout the week by having the highest attendance, winning relays or games during practice, or winning the campus-wide scavenger hunt. Then, on Saturday, the two teams competed for the overall win, with swimmers being able to score more points for their team with each race. In the end, the Red Team won for the first time in team history. Finally, the team came together as a whole after hiking up Ensign Peak. It was an awesome couple of weeks filled with team bonding and getting to know all of our new members!

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