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We just finished our first week of practices with our new roster of teammates. We’re excited to welcome all of the new members to our team and see our returning members back again! Here’s a bit of information about our current 2016-2017 roster.

We have 54 members: 33 men and 21 women. There are 25 freshmen, 11 sophomores, 7 juniors, 6 seniors, 4 extra-year seniors, and 1 faculty member.

With ages ranging from 17 to 29, our smart group of student athletes also succeeds outside of the water. Among others, we have 15 Engineering majors, 10 Biology majors, 5 Exercise and Sport Science majors, 3 Business majors and 3 Computer Science majors. Time management skills abound with several people pursuing double majors and 15 members seeking minors.

18 of our members are from outside our home state of Utah. We have members from California to New Hampshire, from Texas to Wisconsin. We even have a member from Moscow, Russia!

Additionally, our performance this season will benefit from the diversity of talent we have. We asked our members to choose two types of events: 24 members identify as sprint freestylers, 23 excel at mid-distance free and 7 dedicate themselves to distance free. 15 of our members listed butterfly as their stroke of choice, 8 enjoy backstroke, and 14 love their breaststroke. We also have 15 members who just can’t seem to choose and would rather swim the individual medley than any one specific stroke.

Each person adds originality and value to our team, and we are glad to have brought them all together. We’re looking forward to the competition season starting with our Intrasquad meet this coming weekend and our Rocky Mountain Invitational meet on the horizon. Here’s to a great year with our new swim team family!

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