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Recruitment Week 2016

School has officially started and that means it’s time for recruitment week! This year, our recruitment week has been expanded into three weeks. Our recruitment schedule is as follows:

During our recruitment, make sure to post any fun moments from this year or memories from past years on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #JoinUUCS. The Marketing Board will be choosing the best one, and that person will get a $20 credit on their team dues!

To finish, some of our current members have given us reasons why people should consider joining our team. Kevin Hemmersmeier said, “Within the first week [I joined] I felt as if I found some great new friends and motivated people to be around. Weeks later the people I met were great friends.” Our current Vice President, Connor Morgan, said, “The highlights of my freshman season are the highlights of my freshman year.” Our Marketing Director, Megan Dearden, summed everything up by saying, “I can only think of one word that truly encompasses the spirit of this team: family.”

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