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Fourth of July

This past week was patriotic even before Independence Day came around. It all started on Wednesday when some members of our team volunteered at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs’s National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Of course, being swimmers, we helped out with the swimming portion of the games. This meant that our teammates were helping out veterans, most of whom were paraplegic or quadriplegic, with getting in and out of the pool for their races. Not only was this a good volunteering opportunity for our team, but helping the men and women that have served our country was a great experience for those that participated.

Our team activities didn’t end there, though. On Saturday we had a potluck barbecue at the Marriott Honors Community to celebrate our country’s independence. There’s nothing like food to bring swimmers together! Getting to know some newer team members and spending time with old friends is always a great way to spend a weekend. We were all too engrossed in our food and spending time together to take a group photo, but we couldn’t resist snapping a shot of our soon-to-be boy band.

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