Will Reeves

Head Coach

Will began competitive swimming at the age of six. At the end of his first year, he swam the 25 Free in the 8-and-under division at the Texas State Championships and got third. From then on, Will continued swimming age group, high school and ultimately at the University of Texas where he was named a co-captain in his senior year. After a short break, Will returned to swimming as a Masters swimmer, and for the first time, he did not have a coach to direct his swimming. Thus began a long overdue pursuit for Will to learn more about his swimming and take ownership of it. Will quickly returned to competitive swimming in this new context at National Championships. At the same time, Will started swimming and competing in open water events; something he had done as a child with his father in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of North Africa. 


After a career as a bridge construction engineer, Will retired and got the opportunity to coach for the University of Utah Club Swim Team. By that time, Will had been a part-time Masters Swim Coach for 15 years. Will often likes to say that he was hired by the Club to be the assistant coach for each member; he wants each member to be their own ‘Head Coach’. Members of the University of Utah Club swim team balance their studies and activities with their training, and it is Will’s job to take full advantage of any amount of time that they are able to train. Will has gradually discovered that when swimmers own' their sport, they are able to perform better than the swimmers who simply follow direction from an authority figure. Being that some members bring years of competitive swimming to UUCS, members have the experience to study and continue their training methods and stroke techniques. Club members are able to make the final decision of what works best for them...and it does not end there. UUCS elects its own leaders who are tasked with all club decisions. Ultimately, what binds the members with each other and their coach is their mutual love for competitive and lifestyle swimming--and that is the secret for our success.