Kenneth Lopez Joa


Events: Sprint Free, Mid-Distance Free

Major: Finance

Hometown: New York, New York

High School: Colegio Dominico Americano


Born in New York, but raised in the Dominican Republic. In 2015 I started experimenting with sports due to overweight issues. I tried several sports including tennis, basketball, and soccer among others, but soon I realized that my true joy was in swimming and in the Martial Art of Judo. I fell in love with swimming because of the fabulous sensation you feel while breaking through the water, and how you run out of breath after a sprint. Swimming became one of my passions and it also helped me fight my obesity problem. I feel that becoming a swimmer is one of the best choices that I've ever made.

Athletic Highlights

JudoUSOPEN 2017 bronze medallist
Judo 90-kg National Champion Dominican Republic


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